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In the near future you will be able to preview all of recorded selections
listed below and have an opportunity to purchase titles of interest.
All of these ethnographic field recordings have been recorded
and produced by David Blair Stiffler,
owner and founder of Ethnix,
with the exclusive permission granted by each respective tribes' chief.


" Music of the Haut Oyapok River: Brazil & French Guyana"
Documentary of the Oyampi & Ermillion Indian Tribes.
Folkways Records FE 4235 , New York 1981
(Folklife Collection, Smithsonian Institution, Washington)

"The Palicour Indians of the Arucua River Brazil"
Documentary Recording. Folkways Records FE 4238, New York 1982
(Folklife Collection, Smithsonian Institution, Washington)

"Music of the Miskito Indians Of Honduras and Nicaragua"
Documentary Recording. Folkways FE 4237, New York 1981.
(Folklife Collection, Smithsonian Institution, Washington)

" Traditional African Ritual Music Of Guyana"
Documentary Recording of Queh Queh songs.
Folkways Records FE 4238, New York 1982
(Folklife Collection, Smithsonian Institution, Washington)

" Coastal Amerindians: The Arawak, Carib and Warrau"
Folkways Records FE 4239, New York 1982
(Folklife Collection, Smithsonian Institution, Washington)

" The Vanishing Indians: Maya & Kekchi Of Belize and Guatemala"
Lyrichord LLST 7371, New York 1983.

" Music of the Pipil Indians of El Salvador "
Folkways FE 4244, New York 1983
(Folklife Collection, Smithsonian Institution, Washington)

" Folk Music Of Honduras and Nicaragua, Songs Of Patria"
Lyrichord LLST 7364, New York 1984

" The Vanishing Indians: Costa Rica and Panama Tribes of the Talamanca Division"
Lyrichord LLST, New York 1984

" Music of the Indians of Panama; The Cuna (Tule) and Choco (Embera) Tribes"
Ethnic Folkways Records FE 4326, New York 1983
(Folklife Collection, Smithsonian Institution, Washington)

" Lowland Tribes of Ecuador"
Ethnic Folkways Records FE 4375, New York 1986
(Folklife Collection, Smithsonian Institution, Washington)


Haitian Merengue Music and Ghede Rites, Haiti 1982

Music of the Garifuna, Black-Carib of Belize, 1983
Orange Leaf Band, Afro-Columbian of Chota, Ecuador 1982
Highland Quecha Music, Ecuador 1982
Music of the Talamanca Region, Costa Rica 1984
Music of the Choco Indians, Panama 1984
Music of the Kuna Indians, Panama 1984
Traditional Music of Panama
Cumbia Music of Panama

The Baouls of Kustia, Wandering Minstrals of Bangladesh 1985
The Voice of the Garo, Bangladesh 1986

Issan "Fut Kao " Rice-Harvesting Music, Thailand 1984
Music of the Chau Nam of Andaman Strait Thailand and Malaysia 1984

Site II- Music on the Border Camp, Khmer Refuges, Thai- Khmer border 1988
Music of the Nung, Vietnam 1991
Music of the San Chieu, Vietnam 1991
Music of the Cham, Vietnam 1991

Music of the Mountain Provinces (Luzon), Philippines 1987
Music of the Negritos of Luzon, Philippines 1988
Music from the tribes of Mindanao: the Badjao and the Mariano, Philippines 1988

Bali Ceremonial Music, Cameroon 1999
Music of Mali, 1999
Music of Ethiopia, 1997

Music from the Galibi of the Rio Uaca, Brazil 1981
Music of the Wapishana, Guyana 1982, 1983, 1995
Music of the Karamacoto, Guyana 1982, 1983, 1995
Rasta music from Guyana 1983
East Indian Hindu Music from Guyana 1983
Music of the Carib Piaman, Guyana 1983
Music from the Rupunnoni Savanah, Guyana 1983-1984

Music of the Dani, Irian Jaya 1992
Music of the Asmat, Irian Jaya 1992

Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, Guyana, Vietnam, Belize, Honduras


Pottery Production in the Context of a Caste Society, Bangladesh 1984
The Banana Industry of Belize, 1983
Arts and Design of the Choco and Kuna,
Darien Jungle/San Blas Archipelago, Panama 1984

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