Democratic Republic of Congo
(formerly Zaire)

During the 15th century, a Lunda queen married a Luba prince called Tshibinda Ilunga. A significant number of the Lunda aristocracy so disapproved of the marriage that they migrated south to present-day Angola. Once settled, they founded several kingdoms, each headed by a god-king. Amongst these tribes are the now known Tchokwe. Around 1860, following a mjaor famine, the Tchokwe people migrated back towards the south and settled in Angola, at the source of the Kwango, Kasai and Lungwe rivers. The Tchokwe are governed by a king called Mwana Ngana, who distributes hunting grounds and cultivated areas; while the male Mugonge and female Ukule societies regulate their social life.

The vast majority of Tchokwe objects are decorated with figures and geometric motifs. Since the Tchokwe tribespeople were in contact with European tradesmen from teh 18th century onwards, some of their figures bear a European influence.

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